Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well,today is the happiest day of my life...i saw THE ALL BLACKS was amazing and cool!!they were,so cool man!!i wish i could just be like them..seriously,the minute i saw them,something just changed in me..i just feel that i wan to get involve in first passion in my life now is R.U.G.B.Y!!!!above that is surely my lovely Saviour which is,the game was awesome!!even all blacks lost the game,but i am proud of them..they played like a pro..wait1..they are already pro!!haha..well,i love to see them playing..i hope to play rugby soon..coz i have been quite busy with my university life,so i don't have the chance to play rugby..well,i hope to join any rugby club in malaysia..well,the most amazing part is,i touched JONAH LOMU!!!WELL,i ask him whether i could get a pic with him and he said sure,no prob..he puts his big giant hand around my shoulder bad,no one was there to take pic 4 me..well,i was sad,but at the same time i was happy..and one more thing,at last i bought an all blacks jersey..even its not original,i love it!!its cool!!yeah!!i will post the pic and videos later...!!

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