Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well,today is the happiest day of my life...i saw THE ALL BLACKS was amazing and cool!!they were,so cool man!!i wish i could just be like them..seriously,the minute i saw them,something just changed in me..i just feel that i wan to get involve in first passion in my life now is R.U.G.B.Y!!!!above that is surely my lovely Saviour which is,the game was awesome!!even all blacks lost the game,but i am proud of them..they played like a pro..wait1..they are already pro!!haha..well,i love to see them playing..i hope to play rugby soon..coz i have been quite busy with my university life,so i don't have the chance to play rugby..well,i hope to join any rugby club in malaysia..well,the most amazing part is,i touched JONAH LOMU!!!WELL,i ask him whether i could get a pic with him and he said sure,no prob..he puts his big giant hand around my shoulder bad,no one was there to take pic 4 me..well,i was sad,but at the same time i was happy..and one more thing,at last i bought an all blacks jersey..even its not original,i love it!!its cool!!yeah!!i will post the pic and videos later...!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well,i am back now..its been so long i didn't update my blog..well,i got so many stories to tell and share..lets me see..the first one..i am in u now..i have joined MSU..MANAGEMENT SCIENCE AND UNIVERSITY..this is my university..diploma in computer forensic..i m stuck in there for about 2 years i think?i have finished my short semester in the u now..just waiting 4 the long will be quite hard coz i have to study a lot of new subject..i have just finish my mid sem exam and my final sem..for my mid sem exam,i got 1a and 2b..not bad for a amateur kid like me..haha..well,for my finals,i have no idea what my mark will be..i am sure my mark will be so "teruk"..well,i am not alone in that u..i have my best friends with me..they have been my frens since from 1..we are like brothers...PATTRICK VASANTH AREEF...we have move to our new campus now..its quite big and huge..and its nice..its cool to hang around there..i have passed my driving lesson after i have failed for two times..damn malu..i failed coz of if u guys need ride,just call me..i will be there..haha..well,next week i am back to u..tats when my long sem starts..tis few days i was in pulau pinang..went for church convention..well 4 hours drive from puchong to there..well,my hp was so useful,coz it direct us there..(GPS)..WELL,i arrive there around 1 something..the minute i arrive there,guess who i saw????angel!!!well i didnt talk to her coz i have no idea wat to talk to her..i was just hoping in my heart tat she will sms me..and,she did!!!i was so shocked..then i went and talk to her and disturb her..then we went up to our room..well,i was the eldest in tat room...mike was my roomate..she was angel's bro..we slept in the room,while the rest slept outside..well,the worship service was awesome and cool..i enjoyed it..well,mike told me a lot bout angel..i know i dont know everything bout angel,but if u give me a chance,i want to know everythng bout u..seriously..even i dont sms u all the time or chat wit u in fb,it doesnt mean i have forgotten u..i always think of you..well,i enjoyed myself there and i am happy i got the chance to be wit you,even it was only for a few was the most precious moment..well,her bro knows how happy i see,i am goin to pursue my dream..i am goin to play drum for the church and sing..thats my dream..well,thats all for now..i will update with more news later..

11.12.13 <3