Sunday, February 14, 2010

Too busy... long didn't update my blog...well,there is nothing much to say..i have been busy wit my work cause the place where i work is always busy..they need manpower..haha..well,today is valentine's boss was so good that he ask me to take a break today..gosh!!i was so happy...coz i can get to meet,i got back from work around 1.30 am..went to mamak stall n have my dinner..n was back home before 2.00 am..i slept for 3 hours..and i woke up..i quickly dress up n i rush to church wit my,the road was so clear..i love it!!coz i can speed a bit...haha...before i could even speed,there was a patrol car behind me...and like usual,the officers ask me to pull over...n i did..they check my license,my identity card,and they even check my bike..they try to find any mistake against me,but to bad..haha..i was free to go..haha..i reached my destination around 9,the service was like normal,but i love the sermon..haha...after the service was over,i talk to HER for a while..n something hit me when i was talking to HER...i am not goin to talk about it..well,then she left..n me also..maybe,tis or next week will be my last week at latter rain church..and then...i was on the way home..i stop for a while..and i text her..we were chatting for a while until she stop replying..and then i was wondering what to do today,cause no one is at,i went 'ronda2' with my H..i took my H to many H is my best best best best fren..i share all my problems to my,today H was my valentine..i love my H so much..well,u guys will be wondering who is my H..well here is some pictures of my H...

this is my very best fren..(:

today was vasanth's sis birthday party..i show some of my frens,pattrick ask me,how is HER?i was like..err..she is ok...then he ask when getting married?i said to him,we are just frens now..nothing more then that..she broke up with i can't do anything..then,he was like,what lah you now you single la?yeah,i am single mercedes is gone...):
so sad,but life have to move on..haha..well,what some more to write ah...i sudah pening o..there is one more thing...yesterday,i dream about YOU..

I was working at that time..from no where,you appeared in front of were so tensed up..i can feel that something is wrong..You ask me to follow you said your frens got into a fight and you need my i went with took your car n we shoot drive crazily on the road..i told you many times to slow down,but you just wouldn't listen to me..and then suddenly,you pull over to the side of the road..i asked you said nothing and you ask me to get out from the car...i was ask me to get lost..n i step out form your just drove off just like that...and that time was raining heavily..i was wet..n i was shivering cause it was so cold...i sat under a tree and think what happened to you..well,i thought you were just playing2 with i waited for you to come back,but u didn't..well,i guess it is real now...hmm..):
thats all for now...adios...

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