Sunday, January 31, 2010

Work work and work!!

I love you saturday and sunday...coz tis is when i will be busy.yesterday and today was a great day for me..gsc was full of people..and there i m waiting at the counter and staring at the clock..just waiting for the moment to let these people in.some customer are inpatient..they will keep on asking me the same question again and again.."can i go in now?and i will answer.."no,not now.wait 4 the 5 minutes..once i turn on the light,thats when things go upside down..i have to check each customers ticket n make sure they dont bring outside food in..its an easy job..just stand there and observe each customer..each time a customer who sees my name,they will ask a lot of question.."kristen??hmm,i thought kristen is a name 4 frens will be laughing..anyway,many customer wont call me by my name...they will either call me "BRO","MACHA","ABANG"...hehe..but when it comes to small kids...this is what they will call me.."UNCLE"..i will be like what??!!??..i am not that old..i am still young..sometimes working as a steward at gsc will be,this is when i will disturb my frens at the BO(BOX OFFICE)..haha..there is one gal at the bo..she is like a teddy bear..each time when i talk to her,my crew leader will disturb..haha..maybe he is jealous..then,i will move on to the con's side..i will disturb them too..i love when it comes to check hall..its the best work ever..the job is to check the hall..see if anyone trying to be funny..haha..but i am to lazy to look at the people..i will be busy watching the movie which is playing on the screen..haha..i always tell the customer to be careful when goin down the steps in the step u miss..u will straight reach the ground..thats what happen to me..i just miss one step..and here i go..rolling like a thunder until i reach the was a nice ride..maybe u guys should try it someday..its awesome..but later u will feel the pain..hehe...i love to see my fren,syafuan speaking english to customer..he is so funny when he speak english..but he is learning slowly from me..hehe..there was one customer..he was a Negro guy....this is what happen...i saw the negro guy approaching the counter..i just make dunno..
WAN:kris,abang macha datang la
KRIS:biarlah..u layan dia.i busy ni..
NEGRO GUY:excuse me.can you show me where is hall 2?
WAN:u going atas,and u pusing pusing right..u pusing right u go toilet..
NEGRO GUY:he was scratching his head and smilling..
thats when i help wan..what a funny experience for him..well,to any of my frens out there who wants a free ticket..come see me...(:

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